Basil was already known since the days of the Greeks and Romans, among whom was famous controversial. The Romans believed a symbol of misery and bad luck, so they said "basilisk" because its pungent smell drew similarities with the homonymous mythological snake lizard by the breath of fire. Subsequently they began to cultivate along the Tyrrhenian coast and appreciated him so much that he became the indispensable ingredient, along with olive oil, garlic, mint, celery and vinegar, of the sauce used in specials Imperial lunch. In Egypt was one of the components of the balsam for the mummification. The Greeks thought that for a good harvest of the plant it was necessary at the time of planting, say a series of insults. This fact makes it possible to interpret the saying "sow basil", in the sense of cursing. So you begin to give the basil to declare love, or even to induce love: if a branch of basil is returned means that love is reciprocated. Speaking of love, a pot of basil on the balcony of a girl appears to have been interpreted as a signal of its willingness to receive love. In the nineteenth century it make infusions of basil to make cheerful heart. A legend said that a young man named Basil was killed by the father of his beloved who do not look favorably on the idyll. The love, desperate, buried the young man's head in a jar and bathed every day with her tears. When popped a small plant with fragrant leaves called "basil", as his lost love. In Christian tradition, the sacredness attributed to basil derives from two distinct legends but confluent between them: the first speaks of basil beginning in a vase in which Salome had placed the head of St. John the Baptist; the second says that it was found by the Empress Helena, mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine, on the site of the crucifixion of Christ, and from her, then spread throughout the world.

This liqueur is very refreshing and digestive, with delicate flavor and aroma.
It is a good idea for a liquor unusual and different from others.
Fanciful, for summer evenings and more ...
We recommend storing it in the freezer so that they always serve iced.
The presence of any sediment at the bottom of the bottle is indicative of genuineness.

Standard Packaging: 500 ml
Retail Price: 15.00 Euro.

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