Sour cherries arrived in the West, when Rome was still a Res Publica. It was the first century B.C. the Ides of March, those fatal to Caesar, were still far away, and the Romans tore their history with bloody civil wars. Those were the times of Optiman and popular, Sulla and Marius, Cicero and Catiline, Caesar and Pompey, Catullus and Lesbia. All great people and among them was an aristocrat Epicurean, Lucius Licinius Lucullus. As many Roman politicians he was also a great general, although its glory he was often snatched by Pompey. That's what happens in the East. Lucullus left for Bithynia, Pontus and Armenia against Mithridates. Pursued him throughout the Middle East and along this journey he met soft and wild fruits growing on the trees, but they weren’t cherries.
He saw them and picked them up at Cerasonte. When I return to Rome he realized that there was no political space for him. As told by Plutarch: "He abandoned public affairs, because he realized that they were now beyond their control." And from this date he plunged in idleness, food and banquets. He had a villa at Tusculum and another wonderful in Naples, with gardens, ponds, rare fish and a pier leading down to the sea. It is here that he planted the prunus cerasus: sour cherries.
Sour cherries are a product that smells of ancient Rome and the Middle Ages, are a small mirror that reflects our image in the world.

Our cherry is a spirit with a marked cherry flavor, with a full-bodied flavor and heady aroma, suitable for matching with chocolate and great for the preparation of sweets.
We recommend to sip it cold.
The presence of any sediment at the bottom of the bottle is indicative of genuineness.

Standard Packaging: 500 ml
Retail Price: 15.00 Euro.

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