The origins of this spirit are uncertain.
We know that there are versions of liquor of nuts in many European countries, from Italy to the Urals, England.
Ancient Roman documents report that the Picts, or the Britons, gather together in midsummer night and drank from the same cup a dark walnut liqueur.
Next sources report that among the French was in use a liqueur “de brou de noix”.
The walnut maintains since a long time an aura of legend, linked to the presence of witches; traditionally, in fact, nuts were collected on the night of St. John from the more experienced woman who, climb the tree barefoot, peeling off only the best nuts by hand and without damaging the skin.
The nuts were left to the night dew for the entire night, then were put in infusion the day after.
Their preparation ended the eve of All Saints, that is, the night of Halloween.
In collecting the tradition asks to not use iron tools; the metal, in fact, would affect the medicinal properties of plants.
The traditional Nocino spirit, prepared with nuts harvested during the night of St. John, contains hundreds of thousands of years of history and magical and enchanted mystery. The Night of St. John, between 23 and June 24, falls in the summer solstice, the period tied to a series of magical rites, beliefs and popular uses, initiation celebrations and propitiatory rituals. There are many countries that each year celebrate this night with "fires" of Celtic memory. It is a night in which the natural world and the supernatural permeate and "strange things” happen, as Shakespeare said in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." It is a day linked to the female figure, marriage and fertility: the belief of the marriage of the sun with the moon, to the traditions that they want the girls gather herbs with which to prepare love potions, to the figure of witches ... medieval tradition wants that all witches flying through the sky to gather under the walnut tree.

This spirit, called by the ancient traditions "Magic Dew Extract " is suggested at the end of the meal for its digestive properties; it is also a meditation spirit that we suggest to sip cold.
The presence of any sediment at the bottom of the bottle is indicative of genuineness.

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